Linglong Listed among Asia's Most Influential Brands 2023


Hong Kong, Sept. 20, 2023 -- The "Asia Brand Summit" was held in Hong Kong on September 20 by the World Brand Lab. The "Asia's Most Influential Brands of 2023" list was released at the summit, which represents the 18th time that World Brand Lab has evaluated the influence of Asian brands. A total of 500 brands from 20 countries and regions were selected. Linglong Tire is listed once more.

The theme of this year's summit is "how technology will promote brand transformation and change consumer’s behavior." Dr. John Deighton from Harvard Business School believes the pace of technological change will not slow down. By depending on artificial intelligence, enterprises can quickly grasp the consumer's perception needs and be able to work closely with its suppliers.

As a technology-oriented tire manufacturer, Linglong always believes that the creation of every brand firstly comes from R&D and product strength. In 2023, on the basis of the segmentation of users and markets and the focus on the development of key technologies, bottleneck technology research, breakthroughs in cutting-edge science and technology, the company keeps on updating its products and service and continuously adapting to the market and consumer upgrading to meet the demanding needs of users for its products, and creates a good brand reputation. Meanwhile, the company grasps the opportunity of the digital revolution by not only applying artificial intelligence to all aspects of manufacturing, but also making a strategic shift to brand science on brand marketing. Linglong creates personalised marketing and promotional campaigns tailored to users through big data analytics, filtering user tags and using predictive analytics to identify patterns and trends in user behaviour to significantly increase brand awareness and reputation.

In the future, while Linglong is persistent in technological progress and quality improvement, it will seize the opportunities of the new scientific and technological revolution to find innovative breakthroughs in brand new frontier, and continue to enhance its brand value and competitiveness.

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